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Leonard Bernstein   Symphonic Dances from West Side Story (arr. John Musto, Grand Band)

Nathan Dearden       National Anthem

Julius Eastman          Crazy N*gger

Julius Eastman           Evil N*gger

Julius Eastman          Gay Guerrilla

Philip Glass                Closing (arr. Grand Band)

Michael Gordon         Ode to La Brjua, Hanon, Czerny, Van Cliburn and little gold stars…(or, To Everyone Who Made My Life Miserable, Thank You)**

Gustav Holst               The Planets (arr. Greg Anderson)

Simeon ten Holt        Canto Ostinato

Paul Kerekes               wither**

Paul Kerekes               bloom**

Paul Kerekes               new work*

David Lang                  face so pale

William Marsey          Mill**

Missy Mazzoli              Three Fragile Systems**

Lucy McPhee               Deciphered**

John Metcalf                Never Odd or Even

Kate Moore                  Sensitive Spot (arr. Grand Band)

Modest Mussorgsky  Pictures at an Exhibition (arr. Kerekes, Schlosberg)

Tristan Perich               new work*

Steve Reich                   Six Pianos

David Roche                 Wealth and Infancy**

Frederi Rzewski           Les Moutons de Panurge

Harriet Steinke             Let Everything Ring**

Igor Stravinsky            The Rite of Spring*

Kevin Volans                 Kneeling Dance

Ben Wallace                  A Road You Can Go**#

Ben Wallace                  Fryderyk Chopin’s Psychedelic Technicolor ‘lectro-Funk-Core Superstarlit Ultra-Throwdown on Op. 28 no. 4**

Julia Wolfe                     my lips from speaking…

*in development

**commissioned by or composed for Grand Band

#composed for one piano four hands, keytar, 2 toy pianos, 3 melodics and small hand percussion.

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